Thursday, September 24, 2009

white noise

Head smashes hard
Balloons, slip through cracks
Brightly coloured spheres
Escape and burst

Inhale - attempt to tempt back through crimson crevices
Lungs too weak
Bubbles drifting away, arrogantly
Shiny crimson reflections

Seems to have stopped
Constant drone of pleasure...
Driving me up the wall

Couldn’t focus/think
Always - bzzzzzzzzzzz
Nothing connecting
Someone snipped a wire

Frustrating with no silence.
For days.
Everything blurs; one long vibration
Constant anguish.

Is it overload, or underload
Tried to fix it
Neither worked
Still buzzzzzzing away

Broken box in my head
No control, no remote
Had to smash the television
No more white noise.

Had to smash the television...

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