Thursday, January 31, 2008


Let me free, be, see, try to allow… us,

Want to fly, to try to buy… my freedom…

This is no ridiculous happiness.. 

This is hell.. My shell preventing me from saying hello..

So.. When will this be relevant.. In..

Sin is just an old old man’s thoughts of trying…

Is you.. Is me.. Is she.. Relate you fuck! Damn!

Ha ha.. What the fuck eva.. 

Lies.. I tries… troubadours and swords..

Will you ever  tree fuck a door?

Doubt it my friend… stamp it and send…

First class.. First arse,, lick..

Pretend to taste the glue, but you..

Lick again… want to do it again…

It;s a roundabout tricksy blend of coffee…

How annoying… where’s the sugar?

1 comment:

Bethanias said...

hanuman i am a fan, to ban you i would
cry, sigh, never fly yet still you see
you make me, see and be and your poem
is super douper ready for a monkey to eat.