Wednesday, February 08, 2006

the new season...

it was such a beautiful day today! the sun was so bright and warm. it is great for the spirit when you get those first signs of winter's demise. it's like in narnia when they see grass for the first time again, and the hear the whispers of aslan's return; everyone is thinking 'ha ha! the white witch is fucked!' it was still quite cold, but you feel and see the subtle signs of new life everywhere. it influences your coversations too. tyler and i were walking through hyde park this afternoon and discussing all things cool. obviously... we were dicussing the future - our's and the world's. we spoke of aspirations, dreams, goals, etc. we also discussed the role of death and loss, and its importance in making us stronger, sharper, and more understanding. we both believe that it is necessary to experience these the darker sides of life in order for us to truly appreciate the things we love and hold dear. if it were summer all of the time it would become mundane. it's after the cold, wet, grey, lifeless winter that we truly appreciate the spring and summer. the reason today was so glorious was because i hadn't experienced a day like for weeks. we were following only the paths that allowed us to be showered in sunshine... it was a shower too. it was cleansing and refreshing. i am really looking forward to this year. in my blog about autumn a few months ago, i spoke of entering the winter and using the time to learn new tricks and sharpen parts of yourself that needed it. well, it's almost showtime... the new season is about to get under way... are you ready?

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Corina said...

Love this post. Love it.
Life, the undying paradox.