Tuesday, January 10, 2006


this question of 'god' seems to creep up more often as time goes on. i suppose it is an eternal question, but it seems more political than spiritual to me. the idea of 'god' is important because those that search for something more than mere existence need the prologue to 'modern' life. my thing is this - why do we need 'Him'. i apologise for the apostrophes, but i feel as though we are constrained and caged by these definitions just as these apostrophes cage our words. i believe our existence to be more complicated and intricate than a myth about a man who came and shed his blood for all of humanity. i think that it is a beautiful story, but it is simplistic. i think that he had some good philosophies, but they don't scrape the surface of what is really going on. we are all at base mere energy - molecules bouncing off of each other - reacting to each other. this leads to my next point. the people who believe in these things believe that 'god' looks after them, protects them, and heals them. my argument is that these strong 'positive' beliefs are what looks after them, protects them, and heals them. i believe, that since we are all merely energy; our 'positive' or 'negative' existence attracts or deflects our future. to live and see in a positive way attracts positive options, but to do the opposite, achieves the opposite. i understand the 'think negatively to protect yourself' theory, but frankly, fuck that! i know that things are dark, and i know that the future is bleak, but i still refuse to think like that! i might be in a tunnel, but i don't focus on the water and the rats, i focus on that tiny bit of light at the end, and how i'm going to get there. i'm not spouting some new age hippy theory, but break everything down to the lowest common denominator - we are only a recipe of molecules... that's it! nothing more, nothing less. we are the same matter as this pc, as a piece of toast, as a weight of gold, or as a large glass of oil... umm... cough! cough! it's all the same. these are only my initial ideas for this subject, so feel free to criticise, for this is how we learn - being told that we are wrong... please give feedback! this is an idea that needs imput from those that are more knowledgeable in these areas than me. this is all very basic... i leave you with the words of our lord monty python... 'he's not the messiah! he's a very naughty boy!'

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